Thursday, February 11, 2010

Vegetable Masterbation Torrent Question About White Fluid After Masterbation?

Question about white fluid after masterbation? - vegetable masterbation torrent

Tonight I felt kind of lost trying and decided to Masterbating with this crazy pumpkin looking things that always the case in all shapes and colors and things like crazy. I was orange and on the one hand, and long and thin, on the other side with a lot of pressure on her. Shocks were felt very comfortable and when I finished, I noticed a milky white stuff in the gourd from which I really am, and there was more milky white stuff leaking from the vagina on the couch.

At first I thought it was pumpkin, but was not seen as something that escapes from, but keeps leaking out of my vagina. I am leaving for liquid to masterbate but generally clear and not used much, but Ttheir thing was white and had a lot of them. Is this normal? I wonder if maybe I had some type of infection in the pumpkin, because I plants taken before, but I've never been to a pumpkin. I did not wash before use pesticides or pollution or that. My orgasm was much stronger than normal, which might have something to do with the reason for his white instead of clear?

Whites are also a burden on the couch and left a stain. I have tried cleaning with soap and water, but not. Is there anything more beautiful that I use to clean? on the couch in his living room, and I want you to notice the stain from my parents. in bed, now I have to clean toniGht will of the morning.


Brian J said...

Nothing to fear ... I bet he only had one hell of an orgasm. enjoy the many others who have been, if you go solo =)

Umbrella... said...

You're good. If the fluid is white or transparent, and "cream" and you have an infection. If thicker, then do it. White and clear fluid after masturbation is natural, even if you've never before seen in white.

Tawny said...

It's natural, I do not think that there is nothing to fear.

I have the same thing happens when I make an orgasm really impressive.

FLIKNCLI... said...

I expect milkyness UR was orgasm, so u should not worry.

Try it with some detergent on the spot, coz that not everything from cleaning products!
Otherwise, UR, and people wonder how a little spilled milk u:)

Sugah said...

Sounds like a yeast infection ... They were treated on-the-counter medicines. Have you noticed an unusual smell or itching?

Heather said...

hmm im not sure.



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